A homemade tincture with selective herbs known to relax the body's nervous system. This product is best taken directly underneath the tongue where it by-passes our digestive system, enters the bloodstream and can have a more efficient effect on the body. Tinctures are especially beneficial for people with compromised digestion. Our HIGHPROOF STRESS RELIEF & HIGHPROOF STRESS RELIEF+ SLEEP are the same blend with one herb difference, our sleep product contains valerian, a root known to be a sedative, and therefore this product is best taken in the evening. Both products contain sarsaparilla root, considered a euphoric plant. 


CAUTION: this product contains alcohol! Keep out of reach of children! 


Ideas for use: on a mostly empty stomach (try some time after dinner, or before dinner) apply dropper underneath the tongue, beginning with 3-5 drops, an holding for 5 sections while it absorbs into your gums. 


+ Sleep
  • High proof brand infused for 5 months with ganja*, hops*, calendula* and ashwagandha*.