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A moisturizing experience, with a mineral shield. For this product we blended our favouite skin loving ingredients with zinc oxide as a sun shield.


SPF 'stands for sun protector factor' and it is the ability that a sunscreen can protect the skin from the sun's UVB (ultraviolet B) rays that burn the surface of our skin, causing sunburn.


There are chemical filters (which are now raising some eyebrows of concern) and natural mineral filters, like zinc oxide that protect our skin by scattering and blocking the sun's rays from penetrating deep into the skin, where they can cause further damage long-term.


Please note: the best sunblock is avoiding direct sun contact for long periods of time, especially at the hottest parts of the day. Covering up with light cotton is always a great option as well, and what I do at work when we are delivering on super hot days.


Alternative ZINC CREAM packaging:

It has come to our awareness that this recipe is an effective solution for rashes, diaper rash, dog hot spots, and general irritation. The ingredients are soothing and ultimately very healing due to the zinc oxide. The alterative Zinc Cream packaging is a same price alternative, plain black tin, for people intending to keep the product around the house, on a change stand, or in the medical cupboard. Same price, same product, your choice black or gold tin. 




  • Lavender scent is for sale in the winter, as bees are attacted to the scent.
  • The unscented version still contains tea tree, as this is how I preserve the fresh aloe jelly with apple cider vinegar. There is a small amount, scent unnoticed. This version is suitable for sensitive skin. 
  • Lemongrass is the summer scent as it aids to repel bugs.



    Fair trade shea butter, fair trade cacao butter, jojoba oil, local beeswax, zinc oxide, apple cider vinegar, fresh aloe jelly, essential oils: basil, lemongrass OR lavender, tea tree OR tea tree for preservative in the unscented.  

  • Why do we use TALLOW in our CREAMS?

    It is a local ingredient that can go to WASTE! Choosing local and reducing imported ingredients is something we are passionate about! We believe it is sustainable to our immediate community, keeps prices down and allows us to really know where our ingredients come from.

  • Ingredient Sourcing:

    We source from a local farm and butcher shoppe where my partner works part-time. We render lard ourseleves. The animals are pasture raised and fed no GMO.

  • Product Life:

    e make small batches and use minimal additional oils/essential oils. The product is long-lasting and a little bit goes a long way. For longer shelf life please store in a cool, dark environment. Always use clean hands when accessing the product and keep sealed. 

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