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*Please note the 2oz tin option for this product is now in a TRUE 2oz tin, rather then a 2.2oz tin like we had before (by accident), therefore we have reduced the price to match this change.


This balm is simple and unscented but it smells of cocoa and honey. Try reaching for this tin to soothe sun-exposed or parched skin. 


Honey is a humectant = draws in water. The beeswax in our Honey Balm seals.


This balm is a quick seller in our stores. It is simple, gentle for sensitive skin and hydrating but not heavy on the skin. 


Benefits of Honey Balm:

  • With fresh local honey acting like a humactant to keep in water and soothe redness. 
  • Excellent for sensitive skin. 
  • Non-comedogenic oils.


This balm is made a little harder, with the intent of it being travel-friendly in the hot summer months (won't melt to a liquid quick in heat). 

HONEY BALM - w/ or w/out tallow


    Honey Balm - Fair trade cacao butter, fair trade shea butter, local beeswax, jojoba oil, local honey, essential oils: lemon & basil. 


    Tallow & Honey Balm - Fair trade cacao butter, pasture raised beef fat (tallow), fair trade shea butter, local beeswax, jojoba oil, local honey, essential oils: lemon & basil.



    Extract some of the cream with the back of your nail, warm it up in your hand and then apply to face, skin, scalp, or even use as a hair treatment. 

  • Support the bees!

    Support the bees! We love getting our honey and golden beeswax from local beekeepers in the Hamilton area. One of the beekeepers we have been working with uses solar heat to melt his beeswax- how cool is that!?

  • Product Life:

    About 4-6 months. Things that impact the shelf life- temperature, humidity, times the product is opened and contamination via use. 

    For longer shelf life please store in a cool, dark environment. Always use clean hands when accessing the product and keep sealed. 

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