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This cream is light and dewy, it contains both moisturizing oils and hydrating aloe. This recipe is 80% tallow. 


Tallow cream is an excellent face and undereye cream, but don't stop there, we sell it in a bulk size for your full body use! 


The tallow is sourced from a local pastured raised farm, freshly rendered and then whipped with fresh ingredients into a light white cream. The result is a soft, light and easily absorbed.


Please store this product at cool temperature as it will separate with heat or spoil if left unsealed in light. 


Benefits Tallow Cream: 

  • Non-comedogenic oils.
  • Fresh organic fragrance. 
  • Friendly to sensitive skin.  
  • Fat soluble vitamins. 
  • Free of paraben and phthalates.




    Pasture raised beef fat (tallow), jojoba oil, castor oil, fresh aloe jelly, apple cider vinegar, essential oils: lavender, lemon, tea tree, natural fragrance oil: french vanilla- free of paraben, phthalate, lyral, and lilial. Or rosemary, cedarwood, tea tree. 

    *Please note I use fresh aloe jelly, scraped right from the plant. I preserve this with organic apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil. So even in the unscented version of this product, it still contains tea tree oil- in small quanities. 

  • Why do we use TALLOW in our CREAMS?

    It is a local nourishing ingredient that can go to WASTE! Choosing local and reducing imported ingredients is something we are passionate about! We believe it is sustainable to our immediate community, keeps prices down and allows us to really know where our ingredients come from.

  • Ingredient Sourcing:

    We source from a local farm and butcher shoppe where my partner works part-time. We render it ourseleves. The animals are pasture raised and fed no GMO. 

  • Product Life:

    About 4-6 months. Things that impact the shelf life- temperature, humidity, times the product is opened and contamination via use. 

    For longer shelf life please store in a cool, dark environment, (or the fridge). Always use clean hands when accessing the product and keep sealed. 

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