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The 4 is for the number of ingredients used to make these simple multiuse soap bars!


Aroma is refreshing, but not overwhelming.


Excellent for sensitive skin due to the minimal ingredient list.


Please note the photos show double bars.


For a smaller bar, cut in half with a sharp knife. We make these in long form bars, and from there you can cut it to the size you like. 


Top uses
❋ Scalp- cooling and antifungal- works as an excellent all-in-one shampoo bar. 

❋ Cleansing for sweaty skin- great after workouts, at the gym and in the summer. 

❋ Antibacterial for acne prone skin, bonus, it will not over-dry. 

❋ Around the house for cleaning. I use this bar on laundry stains and we keep one by the kitchen sink. 

❋To gently clean irritated skin. 

❋To shampoo the whole family, kids, babies and pets- like our siberian huskies! They love our lard soap, other soaps make them itchy. 



Washing your hair with a natural soap bar is easy, however there are a couple things to have on hand to ensure you hair doesn't dry out. Here are our tips: 


  • If you have been using a shampoo and conditioner with silicones, wash your hair with the shampoo multiple times, to remove the buildup- and then do not use conditioner. Try a conditioner that does not contain silicones, that way there will not be any buildup.
  • Don't over wash. Only wash when there is actual oil from your scalp. Usually 1-2 times per week is enough. 
  • Have a pH balancer like NIH Toner Time, or a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse. Apple cider vinegar is a detangler and contains both enzymes and probiotic bacteria for your scalp. 
  • To moisturize, bottle-free- try an oil mask or seal your scalp with a simple wax product like our NIH all purpose waxes. 

4 Lard/Tallow Bars


    Pasture raised lard (pork fat) or tallow (beef fat)

    Filtered water


    Organic essential oil- tea tree, sweet orange, lavender, or eucalyptus.

    OR no essential oil, instead bentonite clay (currently curing for future sale, stay tuned!). 

  • Why do we use LARD in our SOAPS?

    It is a local ingredient that our community produces in EXCESS. Leftover trimmings often go to WASTE. Choosing local and reducing imported ingredients is something we are passionate about! We believe it is sustainable to our immediate community, keeps prices down and allows us to really know where our ingredients come from.

  • Ingredient Sourcing:

    We source from a local farm and butcher shoppe known for their free range heritage pigs. We render the lard ourseleves. The animals are pasture raised and fed no GMO.

  • Product Life:

    We make small batches and use minimal additional oils/essential oils. The product is long-lasting and a little bit goes a long way. For longer shelf life please allow for soap to dry out in-between uses, as natural soap becomes gummy and soft when left to stand in water. We like to use a wooden or ceramic soap dish with proper drainage.

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