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Eases upset, cramps, PMS  and menopause symptoms. 


Flavour- floral and astringent.


8oz jar has ~35g for lighter teas - up to ~50g for heavier teas. 
1/2tsp is a serving size for single tea cup, 1tsp for a large mug. 
The 8oz jar has over 70 1/2 tsp servings!
Steep 2-5mins. 



    Hibiscus, rose, raspberry leaf, nettle, yarrow, vitex berries, burdock root, ginger root, sage.


    *Please caution hibiscus, yarrow and sage use during all of pregnancy. This tea contains no caffeine.

  • Organic Plants:

    Sourced from organic Canadian suppliers and local farmers and largely from the Nature IS Health garden- where we do not spray any chemicals. I harvest the plants, air dry them and process them into infused herbal oils that we then add into our products, or add them into tea blends, or decorate our soaps/gift boxes.

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