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ALL-IN-ONE product for your routine.

NO ESSENTIAL OILS in this one! Smells nutty and sweet due to the butters and beeswax.


HOW TO USE: warm up the tin in your hands. Using the back of your nail remove some product and allow for it to melt in your hands. Apply to desired area- such as hair, skin, scalp, nails, light moisturizer, primer, pet paws, leather boots, wooden cutting board, an all-in-one-travel product.


5 plastic tubes... Please write in the order comments if you would like 5 of the same NIH lip tubes, or a variety of your choice. 


*Please note the BAU 2oz tin option is now in a true 2oz tin. We were using a 2.2oz tin before by mistake, so I have reduced the price by $2. 

BASIC ALL USE - no essential oils |pet/baby/sensitive|


    Local beeswax, pasture raised beef fat (tallow), fair trade shea butter, fair trade cacao butter, jojoba oil, cator oil.

    This product has NO essential oils. 

  • Why do we use TALLOW in our WAXES?

    It is a local ingredient that can go to WASTE! Choosing local and reducing imported ingredients is something we are passionate about! We believe it is sustainable to our immediate community, keeps prices down and allows us to really know where our ingredients come from.

  • Ingredient Sourcing:

    We source from a local farm and butcher shoppe where my partner works part-time. We render lard ourseleves. The animals are pasture raised and fed no GMO.

  • Product Life:

    We make small batches and use minimal additional oils/essential oils. The product is long-lasting and a little bit goes a long way. For longer shelf life please store in a cool, dark environment. Always use clean hands when accessing the product and keep sealed. 

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