Our soaps are currently HOLIDAY WRAPPED and a perfect stocking stuffer!! ❄ 🎁MADE WITH A TRADITIONAL RECIPE.~ The most common review of our hair2toe soaps: "they are so moisturizing and last forever!" ~ This quickly became my favourite soap in our bathroom. It smells amazing and the extra beeswax and honey is strengthening for the skin. For this soap we have teamed up with a farmer in the Niagara region.


 WHY HONEY? The sugars in honey feed the skin and hair. Honey is a complete food in the sense it contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, these all nourish us, and along with beeswax provide a natural protective barrier.


 WHY CINNAMON? This sweet spice is both aromatic and beneficial for our body. Cinnamon contains one the highest silica contents from plants, and is also an effective antibacterial. Silica is a common additive in skin and hair products because it is a key player in collagen formation.


  • Homemade pasture raised lard, cold-pressed Canadian sunflower oil, castor oil*, local beeswax and honey, cinnamon*, lye, water, essential oils of lemon*.

    * = Organic 

  • Our signature "hair2toe" soaps, use to cleanse skin and to moisturize the scalp and ends of hair.