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Common wax uses:

❋ Moisturize scalp 

❋ Style ends of hair

❋ Sculp beard

❋ Light weight face and body moisturizer

❋ Make up primer

❋ Lip balm

❋ Brow/lash sculpt

❋ Skin seal from harsh weather/irritation

QUICK WAX - our original lip moisturizer, however since then has been remarketed as an all-purpose, multi-use product. Great for a minimalist routine! The scent is summer scent, which includes lemongrass to ward off bugs. I even apply this on-top of my clothes with outside late.


FRESH SKIN - with tea tree, mint & rosemary. Great for zits and cooling under eye.  


BASIC ALL USE - no essential oils. Use this on anything and everything.. even pet paws, leather and wood!

*Please note the BAU 2oz tin is now in a TRUE 2oz tin, rather than a 2.2 oz tin like before. Therefore we have reduced the price to match the change. 


HONEY WAX - a super nourisher with honey for a healthy glow. Lovely scent, I especially like this one on my face in my makeup routine. 

All Purpose Waxes - style, seal and protect


    Local beeswax, shea butter, cacao butter, jojoba oil, castor oil, essential oils: cedarwood atlas, tea tree, lemongrass, rosemary.


    Warm wax up in your hand prior to use, this will ease your application and conserve product. Massage into your hands first to spread oils, and then apply to designated area. 

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