The quick wax was our original lip chap, however since then has been remarketed as an all-purpose wax suitable for skin, lips, hair, beards and nails. Waxes contain a higher beeswax ratio compared to balms, therefore making them a great surface protector and healing agent. We use local beeswax from the Niagara region. 

QUICK WAX ~ Octobah Blend

  • Shea* & cacao butter*, castor oil* & beeswax*, Canadian cold-pressed sunflower oil infused with our floral blend- calendula*, chamomile*, nettle*, horsetail*, dandelion*, hops*, lavender*, rose*, essential oils of tea tree*, lemon*, cedarwood*, patchouli*.

    * = Organic

  • Warm wax up in your hand prior to use, this will ease your application and conserve product. Once the wax is on the surface of your hand, pat and massage areas of skin, hair, beard, scalp, lips, that are dry, irritated or prone to drying out. This is a great product to keep close by in the winter months. When in the sun, I find the additional beeswax protects my skin from burning. Can be used as a primer for makeup, since the beeswax strengthens and smooths the skin. 

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