Our soaps are currently WRAPPED and a perfect stocking stuffer / gift โ„ ๐ŸŽ


MADE WITH A TRADITIONAL SOAP RECIPE ~ Top reviews for our hair2toe soaps is "they are so moisturizing and last forever!" ~


This is the first soap we ever made and it's a favourite. Basic, yet divine! The smell is delicate and minimal but still lovely.


WHY ROSE? Rightfully a symbol of beauty, rose provides antioxidants and astringent properties to natural skin care. Astringents cleanse, tighten and balance oil.


WHY TALLOW? Tallow contains more vitamin A retinol than our lard-based soaps making this a great soap choice to heal and rejuvenate skin, smooth fine lines, reduce irritation and fade scars. 


  • Homemade pasture raised tallow, cold-pressed Canadian sunflower oil, castor oil*, local beeswax, lye, water, essential oil tea tree*, dragon's blood*. Garnished with rose petals*.
    * = Organic 

  • Our signature "hair2toe" soaps, use to cleanse skin and to moisturize the scalp and ends of hair.