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Delicious and hydrating both hot or cold. 

The calming aspects of lavender in this tea make it enjoyable in the later parts of the day, or as an late evening treat.


Flavour- sweet and floral. 


8oz jar has ~35g for lighter teas - up to ~50g for heavier teas. 
1/2tsp is a serving size for single tea cup, 1tsp for a large mug. 
The 8oz jar has over 70 1/2 tsp servings!
Steep 2-5mins. 



    Mojito mint, peppermint & spearmint, lavender buds, fair-trade sencha green tea, horsetail grass, stevia leaf.


    Use with a mesh strainer, compostable tea sachet, or tea press. 

    Boil water and allow for it settle. Place loose tea into vesicle and cover with boiled water. Allow for it to steep 2-5 minutes with a lid to trap the essential oils. Strain and enjoy! 

  • Organic Plants:

    Sourced from organic Canadian suppliers and local farmers and largely from the Nature IS Health garden- where we do not spray any chemicals. I harvest the plants, air dry them and process them into infused herbal oils that we then add into our products, or add them into tea blends, or decorate our soaps/gift boxes.

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