Floral scent, it smells divine! The combination of shea and cocoa butter blended with our herbal infused oil moisturizes your skin and relaxes your muscles. 


  • Shea* & cacao butter*, castor oil* & beeswax*, Canadian cold-pressed sunflower oil, our floral blend- calendula*, chamomile*, nettle*, horsetail*, dandelion*, hops*, lavender*, rose*. Blended with apple cider vinegar* mixed with aloe jelly, essential oils of tea tree*, lemon*, cedarwood*, patchouli*.

    * = Organic

  • A great summer moisturizer due to the apple cider vinegar and aloe infusion. This cream feels really great on pulled muscles and stressed spots due to the herbal oil infusion. Can be used on all areas of the body. Since our skin is our largest organ, a herbal cream acts as a vehicle to receiving herbal benefits found in our floral blend.