Floral scent, it smells divine! Chamomile balm is a gentle moisturizer to refresh and relax your skin after a long sunny day, or before it even starts! The combination of shea and cocoa butter blended with our herbal infused oils provides deep moisture and protection. The spring blend contains aloe jelly and apple cider vinegar for refreshing relief to hot weather and sweaty skin, both beneficial for maintaining the skins pH. 


  • Shea* & cocoa butter*, castor oil* & beeswax*, sunflower oil infused with our floral blend (chamomile*, calendula*, hops*, burdock*, rose*, cinnamon*, ashwagandha*, ginseng*), homemade apple cider vinegar mixed with fresh aloe jelly, essential oils of tea tree*, lavender*, lemon* and dragonblood fragrance oil.


  • Massage onto skin, especially areas prone to getting dry and exposed to the sun. Can be used on all areas of the body, face and as a hair mask too. Since our skin is our largest organ, NATURE IS HEALTH CHAMOMILE BALM acts as a vehicle to recieving herbal benefits found in our floral blend.