Updated: Apr 24

Why goat milk?

Goat milk is still 'dairy', however it is known to be less irritating on the human digestive system.

Is milk healthy?

In my opinion, milk is kind of like a superfood! Thus why it is produced for a baby..

It contains a great spectrum of vitamins and minerals (especially useful are those fat-soluble vitamins not available to us in plants), healthy fats and protein. The downfall? We pasteurize it, which unfortunately damages some of the nutrients along with the enzymes that benefit our digestion and immune system.

Even still, if our body is able to digest it, it is a liquid source of easy energy & nutrition.

If our body is unable to digest it, then it can be a source of inflammation- so listen to your body and perhaps try the suggestions below to figure out if goat, cow, another, or no milk is right for YOU.

Why goat milk may be a healthier alternative ..

  • The goat industry is less exhausted, in my experience, products tend to be better quality and affordable

  • The structure of the protein in goat milk is smaller and easier for our body to breakdown- making it less inflammatory. I took a course on holistic pregnancy and early childhood care. did you know it is recommended to introduce goat milk to young children before cow milk?

  • Goat milk is naturally lower in lactose

Our body naturally produces less and less lactase enzymes as we grow older, (unless we have adapted otherwise). This is why we notice people tend to get upset by dairy at an older age.

Are you lactose intolerant?

If we cannot train the body to produce the lactose enzymes we need for digestion, our options are to reduce our exposure to lactose and/or eat products that are fermented (so they contain bacteria & enzymes needed for digestion- like yogurt, kefir, cheese, etc.).

If we do neither, undigested foods become a source of inflammation- so watch out for this!

Can dairy heal?

In Ayurveda, dairy is used warmed with spices or cooked into ghee to help heal an irritated digestive system. Do you have gas, bloating? Pain, discomfort? An autoimmune or inflammatory imbalance? Perhaps warmed milk with spices), is something you might try!

To make soothing milk remedy: slowly heat milk on the stove to a simmer. Use full fat milk, and if you can find unhomogenised, this will be milk that has been through one less processing step. Add spices that are known to stimulate and assist our digestive system, like cinnamon, sea salt, turmeric, ground pepper, nutmeg, clove, cardamon, even cocoa... Sweeten with raw honey after it has been taken off the simmer. Alternatively you can sweeten with cane sugar, maple syrup, agave, or leave unsweetened!

What about plant-based milk alternatives?

I am not a fan!! Unless making homemade plantmilks, like in this recipe here, I try to stay away from the over-processed almond milks, soy milks, oat milks at our grocery stores. That being said there are some great brands popping up that have no preservatives and are made small-batch... but dollar-to-donut, I definately see a benefit to buying the raw ingredients of choice, i.e nuts, seeds, oats, w.e, and making the product at home- it's fresher and contains more whole ingredient, and less starch fillers!

The mass-produced plantmilks are very sweet, and I mean that for the good & bad! They taste great but are also filled with synthetic vitamins, minerals, preservatives and fillers. My cereal consumption has definately decreased since getting off the plantmilks I used to guzzle throughout nutrition school, womp womp. I was afraid of dairy then, and since been looking forward at a whole new world of homemade yogurt, kefir and unnecessary consumption of sugars and carbohydrates! hahaha.