INTERMITTENT FASTING ~ Time to give the digestive system a break?

Updated: Jul 26

How many of us alter our natural routine to coincide with the daily grind?

When was the last time you felt toxic or rundown?

Some of the most common things I hear:

  • lack of sleep

  • weird hunger patterns (not hungry here, starving there)

  • lack of energy

  • bloated or constipated or gassy

  • not sure what to eat or not enough time to eat ..

These are all sure-fire symptoms of an accumulation of AMA!

Ayurveda says that the root cause of all disease is ama.

Time to give digestion a break?

This allows time for the body to adjust the alkalinity in the stomach, replenish enzymes and fully give the digestive muscles a break.. our digestive muscles are muscles too! Are they constantly running a marathon?

Our body needs time to reset our hormones:

  • Like insulin for proper energy production.

  • Cortisol for proper stress management.

  • Reproductive hormones for fertility and desire.

Eat less frequently

From an evolutionary standpoint it is important for our body to be able to survive a famine / or period of less, little or no food.

It was crucial that our ancestors were able to function with strength, determination and intelligence on an empty stomach- or we wouldn't be here! As well, the ability for the body to create energy from its fat stores is key for optimal survival and productivity.

Random fact

Joe Rogan talks about this during one of his podcasts- so you'll have to check out his channel for the citation... but there was a study done on mice... they gave them 16 hour fasting windows and when they gave them access to food- no matter how much the mice ate, they would not go over-weight. These mice, compared to the mice who were not fasting, had the most balanced levels of cortisol (stress hormone), cholesterol, bloodpressure and regular bowel movements.

This study shows a relation to how intermittent fasting heightens insulin receptors, boosts metabolism and allows time for the body to reset / balance.

Do YOU need a fast?