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Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Back when I was Brock Badger!


Ideally we eat 2-3 hours before (like a full meal) and then again 30 minutes-1 hour before a workout something sweet or easy to digest.

For early morning workouts, they can be more productive fasted using the energy you cultivated overnight from previous days dinner.

Key things to avoid on big workout days:

  • Greasy takeout foods. These are likely not the most nutrient-dense foods and I find they make my BO smell awful.. there are better options out there!

  • Sweet juices and pop. A little bit can be energizing but too much simple sugar can ferment and disrupt our bloodsugar. On the other hand, homemade smoothies and fresh pressed juices have enzymes that will prevent fermentation.

  • Foods you know you are allergic to, or that irritate your system. Everyone is different so know your own body!

  • Over-eating sweets and simple / refined carbohydrates. Sugar before a workout is effective at flushing the system with glucose and providing immediate energy, however a little right before take-off is all you need. Focus on fueling up in your pre-workout meal to avoid a bloodsugar drop halfway through a workout.

  • Too much caffeine or diuretics. This will likely have you running off the path and into the forest to go! Been there!

Some of my favourite pre-game bites:

  • Yogurt with unpasteurized honey. This is one of my favourites! I like to make a yogurt parfait or a simple smoothie with yogurt, banana, honey and cacao.

  • Quick salad with protein and a simple dressing. Here watch out for too much fiber though! Simple lettuce, cucumber and shaved beets, carrot or tomato can be energizing without too much fiber. Save the fiber for later!

  • Apples with peanut butter.

  • Chocolate milk. If you eat dairy, chocolate milk can be an efficient pre or post workout drink.

  • Quality chocolate.

  • Cappuccino or iced coffee. An iced capp and granola bar was my preworkout meal before all my varsity volleyball games. These days I choose a less refined sugar option and instead make my coffee at home with farm fresh honey and maybe even frothed whole milk.

To carbo-load...

Preparing for a big run or a volleyball game carbo loading is an option. This ensures our muscles are packed with available glucose to power us through our workout. Generally complex carbohydrate foods contain a lot of fibre, therefore they are better to eat a day or 2 before your big game. This way we can keep meals light the day of our actual event.

Leading up to the event it is important to keep protein concentration in the body high too. This keeps the liver filled with glycogen.

Here are some foods I keep in rotation when training is intense:

  • Some sort of more complex carbohydrate (starch): potatoes, squash, basmati rice, pasta, sourdough. There are many options out there, depends on what type of foods agree with your body.

  • Steak, roasted chicken, sushi nights. There are many types of protein sources. What is your fav? What keeps you the lightest? What sustains you the longest?

Stimulating superfoods to try:

  • Cacao. The plant that makes chocolate.

  • Turmeric. Super anti-inflammatory, which is great for our joint and muscle pains. Be sure to add fresh cracked black pepper to activate the properties.

  • Maca root. Easily added into coffee, yogurt or smoothies. Maca is a hormone balancer, and promotes energy.

  • Coffee / green tea & matcha. Traditional stimulant.



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