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My thoughts on freaking out about health..

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

I think a learning curve is very important when it comes to understanding one's health. We are evolving creatures and therefore so is our health. The key to surviving and thriving is a mindset that is ADAPTABLE.. one that is RESILIENT.. and one that is FORGIVING.

The easier we can 'go with the flow' and with our best step forward, the more positively it will reflect in our overall health. This can be taken into consideration with all aspects of health: diet, lifestyle, mind, spirit, energy, emotions.. etc.etc. everything that makes us WHO WE ARE.

When I finished school I felt like I wasn't where I needed to be. I wasn't as healthy and feeling as well as I needed to be, so according to diet trends I began clenching down on RULES of what to do and what not to do, eliminating things, missing out on events, feeling judgment towards myself and others, and all in hope of solving my various problems. This act of building walls up inhibited the flow of my everyday life.

Instead of guiding myself to make better choices in any given moment, I created a set of predetermined rules of how to live my life. The saying: "there's a time and place for everything" was non-existent to me, because became so many things that I couldn't, shouldn't or wasn't allowing myself to do.

See I kind of wish I could go back to that moment and tell myself to just take a step back, to continue to learn and search for answers around me but then to let go and trust myself from there. Our brains are so smart, they absorb information and subconsciously we can make decisions based off our previous knowledge and experience. We must be careful to the information we latch on to because unfortunately we can find ourself stuck in patterns that are not fulfilling our biggest picture- the grand scheme.

In the end, this became the driving force for this website, my blog and our Nature IS Health platform. I was looking for a place to speak openly, lay out my thoughts and raise awareness about some more difficult and more controversial ideas regarding our health and the environment, in hopes of making the brains of my readers more adaptable, resilient and forgiving.



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