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OUR STORY- Natural, sustainable, eco-friendly, handcrafted skincare & health products.

Updated: Feb 9

Nature IS Health hair2toe soaps are crafted with organic & home rendered pasture-raised oils. We make soap sustainable and via a traditional recipe with no fillers or synthetic ingredients. Our soap is hypoallergenic, for sensitive skin, lasts long and obviously nourishes after the first use. We work hard outdoors in all weather, so understand the need for protective and regenerative skincare!

How I started making soap...

Did you know that making soap was a traditional homesteader practice? Instead of using exotic oils shipped from across the world, people saved extra fat cuts from animal sacrifices to produce it into candles, soaps and balms.

When I first met Brian, he had started working at our local farm and butcher shoppe. He came home one day and asked me if there was any way I could use up extra fat to avoid waste. Aside from us making homemade lard and tallow for cooking, I remembered a little handbook I had been carrying in my travel bag, back when I was living in British Columbia. It explained how to make the best homemade soap using rendered tallow and lard. See when I found this book, I was pretty appalled, since I had been vegan and vegetarian for a few years, and was not really jumping at the idea to accumulate animal fat and then rub it all over my body.

No traditional civilizations survive wasting their sacrifices, every bit of animals, plants and pieces of the Earth get put to use or we are not worthy of harvesting it to begin with.


We began making soap. So much soap! I felt like I was getting in touch with the reality of the circle of life, reducing waste and best of all this soap was the best soap I have ever used. It glided over my skin, disappeared my scars, moisturized, cleared my acne and for the first time in my life I didn't need lotions. Another bonus, I didn't need a product for each specific part of my body, our soap and product line quickly gained the slogan "HAIR2TOE", so natural and multiuse!

From there we continued to create a whole line of multiuse skin, hair, lifestyle and health products all geared towards balanced health, eco-friendly living, and powered by the energy I cultivated learning about holistic nutrition, Ayurveda and healing the planet.

Nature IS Health PRODUCTS

Today Nature IS Health is in local shops, this website and in an online Etsy store. We offer seasonal blends of products, adjusting the recipes to match the weather and crop fluctuations. We source local and are passionate about supporting organic, fair-trade and whole-hearted companies.

If you have any questions or would like to team up, we'd love to hear from you!



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