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Weeds I like in my garden-

I like a wild garden, filled with surprises and luscious growth.

So it's an on going experience learning the plants I like to support and which to 'weed out'.

Here are some of my favs common weeds that grow on their own.


Grows wild on road sides and pops up in the garden too! The little blue flower is edible in salads (bitter though), and the root is delicious toasted- you can spot it in our Mega Chai, Coffee Boost and Fall Into Detox garden teas.


A beautiful white flower that is proliferate and vigorous. The flower and leaves can be dried and added to teas- you can spot it in our Immune Boost.

Creeping bellflower

A lovely drooping purple bell flower, a nice border plant and easy to let grows in any soil. This returns every year even after I pull it out once the flower has died.

Yellow wood sorrel

A creeping 'clover look alike' (notice the heart shaped leaves versus round on a clover). This sorrel has a pretty little yellow flower and is a great cover crop.


Both of these clover plants are lovely cover crops with hardy flowers and soft leaves. They are nice for show but also nutritious turned into the soil for added nutrients.


First top left and center photos are as the plant is growing in before flowering. Goldenrod is a vibrant orange stalk that can grow as tall as nearly 6 feet! Pollinators love it's bright colour and pollen filled stalks. You can dry the leaves and flowers in full bloom to add to tea- spot it in our Fall Into Detox blend.


Spot this in the sidewalks! When grown in healthy soil this plant can grow large shiny leaves. It is edible and also commonly used in skincare products to encourage healing.


An interesting plant that flowers brightest in low-dark light! The flower can be harvested for oil infusions, tea and to garnish a meal.


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