Updated: Mar 31

Fasting is one the the oldest tricks in the book!

Even religion, a large part of traditional lifestyle, includes fasting.

When we look at traditional balanced diets, we don't generally see an avoidance of foods like meat, dairy or grains, we see proper preparation methods and bouts of fasting to allow the body to fully digest and recover.

Many of us eat before the last meal has moved on- from the stomach even! For example check out this chart, courtesy of this Youtube channel.

Now, obviously this varies from person to person and how active we have been.

Animal foods are similar to the grain section, they can even reach 22hours to leave the system.

The point of the above image is to get you thinking about your own lifestyle:

  • Do you eat 3 times per day?

  • How late do you finish?

  • What sorts of food do you consume later in the day?

  • Are your foods digesting during you sleep?

  • Are you ever, not digesting?

  • Do YOU have ama? (lingering waste)