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Farmer's Market Photos ~ Spring / Summer 2021

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

A lovely visit from my Mama

Every week, on Saturday's, we have a booth at the Ottawa Street Farmer's Market in Crown Point Hamilton, Ontario.

You can come and say HI from 8am-2pm found at Cannon Street E and Britanna.

Safety protocols are in place.

We have all our handmade soap flavours, new items and natural skincare items.

Check out our website for details on each of our soap blends.. that being said- at the market we bring one-of-a-kind items that we don't even have on our Etsy or webstore! :O

Some items you may find on our table:

  • chemical-free all natural handmade soap, made with home-rendered lard & tallow, cold-pressed oils and homegrown herbs.

  • natural mineral sun protection

  • Homegrown tea & herbal tea blends

  • deep moisturizing creams, herbal infused creams and tallow skincare

  • eco-friendly lip balm options

  • men's beard care

  • hair care

  • handmade ceramic soap dishes

  • gift ideas & artist-made greeting cards

Hope to see you there!,

Samantha & Brian

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