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Updated: Sep 4, 2022


Why? Convenient, cleansing and detoxifying

Where can I find it? If you weren't out in the spring harvesting your lawn weeds, then you can find dandelion in both health food stores and at most grocery stores.

When should I? Dandelion is considered a "bitter," try before mealtime.

A bitter will stimulate bile flow from the liver and gall-bladder, and bile helps us digest food - in particular fat. Another great time for dandelion is if you feel like you are about to get sick, are hung-over or just feel like you need a little boosted detoxification.

How can I? A great way to intro dandelion into our routine is to mix dandelion tea or 5-10 drops of a tincture right into a cup of coffee or another tea you normally like.

If you have the leaves, dry them or use them fresh and mix them with another herb you like, say mint or lemon balm.

What can I expect? An increase in energy and focus, activation of the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys (has a diuretic effect), and to feel nourished. I love dandelion so much I wrote an entire post on it, found here.


Why? Super tasty and nutritious. All the mints and spearmints balance acids in our body. They help to flush unwanted waste, cool inflammation and hydrate our cells. We brush our teeth with minty toothpaste because it freshens our breath and the same goes for our insides when we drink mint tea.

Where can I find it? Harvesting fresh mint from a plant or finding a supplier that has well-grown herb will reap the most benefits (compared to a commercial tea brand that uses flavouring).

When should I? Mints are best garnishing meals, cooling us down on a hot day after a workout and / or balancing our digestive processes. Perhaps make a big pot of sweetened mint tea and drink between meals on a day when you know you plan to feast with some friends.

What can I expect? Hydration- I always feel like I glow when I'm drinking a lot of mint tea, it's very easy to consume fluids when it tastes so fresh and delicious!


Why? Protein-packed, essential fatty acids (omega 3 & 6), many minerals such as magnesium, manganese, zinc, calcium etc. fibre, protein and fat.

Did you know? The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper!

Where can I find it? At most grocery stores. The most common ways we will find hemp available to us is in the form of:

  • Hemp oil: concentrated form of omega 3& 6 + vitamins & minerals. Find this in the fridge of your local health food stores and some grocery stores. It should be sold to you from the fridge and from a dark container to protect quality. Drizzle hemp oil on a salad, on top of a meal, but do your best not to heat it.

  • Hemp hearts: concentrated fibre + protein + fats + vitamins & minerals. Can be found at health food stores, bulk stores and grocery stores. I like this form of hemp the best. It is easily eaten on it's own sprinkled on top of meal, blended into a paste with garlic and spices or added to a smoothie for a creamy texture. I like hemp hearts in my homemade yogurt.

  • Hemp protein powder: concentrated protein + vitamins & minerals. This can be added to a smoothie or oatmeal to boost protein content. Hemp protein is something to get used to, it tastes earthy and is kind of gritty.

When should I? It can benefit our muscle and bone composition, our hair, skin, nails and brain function. I think there is definitely a recipe out there that incorporates a form of hemp you would like.

What can I expect? Energy, muscle strength, improved stamina, clear thinking ..


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