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Updated: May 1, 2022

Why is yogurt such a prized health food?

Because it is a fermented and easier to digest version of one of (wo)man's first processed foods- milk!

Turning milk into butter and yogurt was traditionally a crucial chore learned within the household since these foods were created to extend the shelf-life of milk.

Benefits of yogurt:

  • Source of essential fatty acids, like omega 3- more so when the milk is coming from a happy grass-fed animal.

  • Source of saturated fat & cholesterol - yeah, you heard me! We now know these are essential nutrients, needed for bone, skin and nutrient assimilation.

  • Vitamin A- not just beta-carotene, animal foods contain retinol, which is a fat soluble vitamin essential for human survival. Plant foods contain beta-carotene and from there our body converts it into retinol.

  • Vitamin E - the bioavailable form! Needed for hormone balance, healthy skin and much more!

  • Protein - the building blocks of our being!

  • B vitamins- the vitamins of energy and digestion, these are fermented by the active bacteria in the yogurt.

  • Active bacteria- OVER 48 STRAINS!? - without a strong bacteria team in our body we will not digest our food properly and therefore have a lesser chance of assimilating all the nutrients we need to thrive. Here's an example: we need the right balance of bacteria in our colon to ferment and convert vitamins like B12 and vitamin K.




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