Updated: Mar 30

Why is yogurt such a prized health food?

Because it is a fermented and easier to digest version of one of (wo)man's first processed foods- milk! Is milk healthy?

Turning milk into butter and yogurt was traditionally a crucial chore learned within the household since these foods were created to extend the shelf-life of milk.

Benefits of yogurt:

  • Source of essential fatty acids, like omega 3- more so when the milk is coming from a happy grass-fed animal.

  • Source of saturated fat & cholesterol - yeah, you heard me! We now know these are essential nutrients, needed for bone, skin and nutrient assimilation.

  • Vitamin A- not just beta-carotene, animal foods contain retinol, which is a fat soluble vitamin essential for human survival. Plant foods contain beta-carotene and from there our body uses saturated fat and cholesterol to convert it into retinol.

  • Vitamin E - the bioavailable form! Needed for hormone balance, healthy skin and much more!

  • Protein - the building blocks of our being!

..and my favourite benefit of all:

  • Active bacteria- OVER 48 STRAINS! - without a strong bacteria team in our body we will not digest our food properly and therefore have a lesser chance of assimilating all the nutrients we need to thrive. Here's an example: we need the right balance of bacteria in our colon to ferment and convert vitamins like B12 and vitamin K. Want to learn more about probiotics?

How to consume yogurt?

My favourite way to eat yogurt is to first, make it myself (recipe coming) and then whip-it-up into a parfait or a smoothie. I especially like it for breakfast because it is light and energizing since I like it with fruit and granola, around being active or going for a run and when I am craving something sweet but need to lay off the processed foods, so I will just have yogurt with some of my favourite honey as a treat.

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