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HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE YOGURT - without a yogurt maker! (oven light method)

Updated: Mar 23

A traditional way to make yogurt with your oven light, no yogurt-maker needed!

^Here is a YouTube video of the process^

  • 1 large soup pot with lid

  • Wooden spoon

  • Storage containers (we use 2L mason jars)

  • Dish towel

  • Organic whole milk- buy from a jar to reduce overall plastic usage in this process

  • Whole milk plain yogurt (once you get the process going, you save yogurt from the previous batch to make the new batch)

  • Bring your yogurt out on the counter

  • Heat the milk on the stove, medium heat. Be sure not to burn the bottom, so stir every 5 minutes. I heat my milk until it smells sweet, begins to form bubbles and there is foam on the surface. Do not boil. Temperature 170-180F.

  • Rapidly cool the milk down until you can place your finger in it and it does not feel hot/you can let it sit in there without burn. About115-110F. It is crucial that the milk isn't too hot because the starter yogurt will die/curdle. To rapidly cool, in the winter I put the pot outside and stir every 10 minutes, in the summer I place in the sink filled with ice water.

  • Once the milk has cooled down, mix in your starter yogurt. Your starter yogurt is ~1/4cup of your last batch of yogurt. If this is your first round of yogurt making, choose a store bought yogurt that unflavoured, whole milk yogurt, like this or this. Stir the starter into the milk gently to distribute but not aggressively.

  • Put a lid on the pot, place it in the oven surrounding the base with a dish towel, with the oven light on for warmth, for 12-16 hours (overnight). Ensure that the oven is not still hot from dinner or you will curdle the milk!

  • In the morning transfer your yogurt into storage jars and store in fridge. Remember to save the end of the jar for your next batch! The yogurt lasts 2-3 weeks at least, don't contaminate the jars when you use.

Thanks for reading, best of luck!

Once I learned how to make homemade yogurt I found a dramatic increase to my digestion. Active yogurt contains digestible protein, healthy fats and B vitamins fermented by the active bacteria making it probiotic for our gut, this results in healthy digestion and energy production!

Check out our YouTube video for some more tips and troubleshooting advice,

Samantha & Brian.

Here are some recipes to use your yogurt:

Why yogurt??


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