AGNI - Is Your Digestive Fire Strong Enough???

Updated: Jul 26

Agni refers to the energy we have powered at our core. The driving force we have to deliver energy to the tips of our body and then circulate it back.

Did you know?

According to Ayurveda, the fire inside us is called "agni" (this is a word in Sanskrit for fire). Agni is the name of the Hindu fire god too.

It is from this fire that we digest our food, absorb and transform it into the energy. This energy is what our body uses to perform our daily biological functions, perform our daily tasks and enjoy our lives!

Agni is the driving force of intelligence within our cells, organs and throughout every system in our body.

What happens when our driving force is low?

If our fire is weak we will may have stagnation. In Ayurveda, stagnation is the root cause of all disease- and they refer to this as the accumulation of ama.

Do you need to stoke your agni?

Signs like:

  • Frequently ill

  • Cold, especially at the hands and feet

  • Troubled digestion, like gas, bloating, paining, constipation or runs

  • Low energy, unfocused mind

  • General feeling of being off- winter blues?

  • Evidence of ama (toxic buildup, like mucus, odor, cloudy urine, coated tongue, etc.

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