ESSENTIAL BENEFITS OF ANIMAL FOODS - a post I created for my veggie friend who was ready for change?

Updated: Sep 4

The Carnivore Code by Dr. Paul Saladino
The Carnivore Code by Dr. Paul Saladino

What I gathered from this read; and the consensus of this blog post:

  1. The sheer importance of QUALITY animal foods to our optimal health and the evolution of man/woman.

  2. The importance of preparing our plant foods TO ENSURE THEY ARE BIOAVAILABLE, because otherwise they MAY do harm in the long run.

I was given the idea for this blog post when a friend who has been vegetarian for 15 years became interested in change.

For me, I was just like: "okay well, eat some meat, or whatever" .. but that is not too compassionate of the situation. Adjusting lifestyle is difficult without a pure whole-hearted reason or the motivation to do so for a better cause.

In this particular situation, my friend didn't like the idea of actually eating flesh, but at the same time felt like something was missing.. but was unsure if diet is related? I conveniently just read the book The Carnivore Code by Paul Saladino ...and am deep into binge-watching Vikings..

Can we thrive without the whole-animal consumption that our ancestors evolved with? Will we be missing out on some key nutrients for optimal health?

Animal foods vs. plant foods

There are some mixed opinions about animal foods and animal product, are they sustainable? Or destroying the planet? We have a trendy plant-based movement encouraging the importance of minimizing meat and dairy while in conjunction maximizing the consumption of plant foods for health benefit. On the other hand we have an underground movement of carnivores and paleolithic lifestyles emerging, claiming the opposite. With such contrasting opinions, are we all really that different and unique as humans? Does it have to be so extreme?

When I was still holding onto being Vegan, I believed there could never be such a thing as 'too many plant foods', HOW could that be?

Perhaps, too much fiber and a possibility of antinutrients counteracting my body's natural rhythms...

I've been following YouTube accounts for many years and in the recent year there has been an ever-increasing number of ex-vegan Youtube channels converting their content to carnivore-like or keto/paleo eating styles after admitting health consequences due to eating a plant-centred a.k.a. 'plant-based'/'plant-strong' diet for too long.

Claims like digestive pain, acne, hormonal loss (low sperm count, amenorrhea, fibroids, etc.), thyroid imbalance, low energy and a general consensus of 'feeling off'- all complete opposite effects to their initial bout into plant-based eating. I too experienced similar uncomfortable side-effects when I was vegan, and I was in complete denial it could be related to eating too many plant foods and living too extreme of a lifestyle.

So is it true? Can we get out of balance without enough animal foods?

Perhaps you have heard about the carnivore t