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Updated: Dec 30, 2023

Holistic Nutrition is Inspired by the Principles of Holism.

Sometimes when I meet people they say: "Oh, I thought it was 'whole-istic' not 'holistic'."

Concepts of Holism

(Philosophy Basics):

  • The parts cannot exist independently of the whole.

  • The whole is not equal to the sum of the parts- they are interconnected beyond explanation.


  • Natural foods contain a balance of nutrients, unnamed substances and energies that cannot be bottled, found in a vitamin or mineral supplement, or fortified into a food.

  • Nutrients work interdependently of one another- this means that they cooperate & work as a team. They absorb and interact more efficiently when given in their natural state.

  • They play an important role in fueling various metabolic pathways within the body- together. This idea understands the body as a working entity, one that is connected and flowing.

The idea of refining our food and then re-fortifying it to make it nutritious again, goes against the philosophy of holism. A natural spectrum cannot be artificially created.

Together, a holistic approach and modern medicine can make a great team. Advances in technology allow us to see inside the body, but then we must not forget the traditional beliefs of holism to regain balance.


The philosophy of Holism roots deep in the foundation of Nature IS Health, this website and my nutrition appointments.

Thanks for reading!



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