Updated: May 25, 2019

What classifies a processed food?

  • Anything prepared from the original state

  • Blended, cooked, fried, chopped, diced, put on the stove, in the oven.. etc.

  • Pasteurized, irritated

  • Fermented, preserved

  • And then there is a whole stage of things that are done in a lab, like flavour blending and testing

Most of the time when I think "processed food" I associate some kind of negative energy to it, which is not necessarily a fair thing to do.


  • Blending a smoothie at home is a form of a processed food. However the difference would be when we compare that to a commercial smoothie purchased from the grocery store which would also be pasteurized.

The degree to processing matters

There is a difference between commercially processed foods and home-prepared processed foods.

Mass / commercially produced foods, what are they?