PROBIOTICS ~ What are they ?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Sipping on my favourite way to gain probiotics : a fermented tea, called kombucha.

"Biotic" means bacteria.
"Probiotic" means: "pro-bacteria".

Benefits from bacteria ..


They fight pathogens, other invading bacteria, viruses, and prevent food poisoning, sickness and infection. As our society grew we began to sanitize everything in an effort to stay clean, however we are now learning the importance of keeping balance versus wiping everything out.

-->When was the last time you took antibiotics? Do you get food poisoning? Have gassy digestion? A sudden rise in allergies?


Bacteria activate enzymes and balance our pH to regulate our digestive processes. Bacteria prevent gas, bloating.

On the flip, they can create these imbalances if we do not keep them in balance.

-->How do you feel after eating carbohydrates? How often do you drink alcohol?


Bacteria convert vitamin K & vitaminB12 into usable form, therefore improving energy and maintaining bone density. This also means if we do not have the appropriate balance of bacteria in our colon, our body is unable to absorb and use these vitamins- meaning this can be a reason for recurring deficiency.

-->How many bones have you broken? Do you have arthritis? Osteoporosis? Low energy? Low iron? B12?


Bacteria detoxify unneeded waste from the surface of our internal and external membranes. An imbalance of bacteria in our system can be reason why we have inconsistent bowel movements, or have constipation, diarrhea and skin inflammation / irritation.

-->Do you move your bowels every day? Have acne?

How to get a balanced microbiome