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LEMON BALM- "Heart's Delight"

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Lemon balm has been used medicinally since the 17th century, it is a member of the mint family.

Benefits of lemon balm:

ANTISPASMODIC: calms overactive muscles, twitches, spasms, clenching, aches and pains- this includes the internal muscles of our digestive system and nervous system. When taken in a tea it soothes and calms indigestion. The uplifting citrus smell calms nervousness, tension and depression.

EMMENAGOGUE: can induce menstruation, or increase flow when taken in larger doses (everyday 10 cups of tea or tincture 3x). This can be used to help shift a cycle, induce a late cycle or remedy amenorrhea. Drinking lemon balm in low doses on a regular basis (1-2 cups daily) can assist in regulating hormones in both men and women.

TONIC: contains nutrients that provide overall benefit and balance to all systems of the body. Lemon balm is often used in herbal formulas to provide nutrition and a pleasant taste.

DIGESTION: lemon balm is often included in digestive formulas/blends because it relieves gas and bloating, and because it pleasantly tastes like lemon.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: we have come to know the word "balm" as soothing, healing and gentle. These words can all be used to describe lemon balm. The herb can be applied topically or taken internally for sore muscles and skin allergies.

IMMUNE: Gentle enough to use with children and is a common ingredient in children's fever formulas. The pleasant taste increases effectiveness because lemon balm tea can be something to look forward to!

HEART HEALTH: used in circulatory formulas. Traditionally lemon balm was used to balance blood pressure due to its calming effects.


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