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Quick toasted muesli- easy topper, snack, cane-sugar free- your choice of ingredients- no recipe!

Updated: Jan 11

This is a classic- no-recipe, recipe.

Homemade toasted muesli is just about a no-brainer operation, even for a new chef!

Get it together:

  • I would recommend using a cast iron skillet. It is my favourite pan to toast oats in because it transfers heat evenly.

  • Heat the pan over medium heat.

  • OIL- add some to the pan to evenly prevent sticking and to lightly coat your ingredients. My favourite oil to use is butter or coconut oil.

  • I would recommend toasting larger nuts before adding oats and smaller seeds. This will keep everything on the same schedule.

  • Add your ingredients to the pan. My classic choice is sprouted oat flakes, but I mean flaked barley, wheat/kamut/spelt, whatever works.

  • Shown above: I evenly covered the pan in oat flakes and coconut shreds. Enough so I could stir at a consistent rate without burning the bottom layer.

  • Dust with any spices. I always add sea salt to contrast sweet flavours and cinnamon to aid with carbohydrate absorption.

  • When the ingredients begin to give off an aroma and get a light golden brown, add sweetener if you'd like. My favourite choice is maple syrup. Stir and keep an eye on it because sugar burns quick!

  • Take the mix off the stove remembering that it will continue to brown a little in a cooling bowl.

  • I add dried fruit if any at this point. The mix is still warm so it softens the fruit and brings out the flavours without burning. Raisins, currents, cranberries, dates, dried whatever works..

  • Allow to fully cool and then store in an air-tight container.

Toasted muesli like this is a great yogurt topper and cereal addition to boost fibre and wholegrain nutrients.

Add mixed nuts and fresh or dried fruit, and it's a nice portable granola snack.



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