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SEE YAH, TABLE SALT!- Tips to selecting the healthiest salt & why minerals are important

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Bottom L- table salt, top L- cheapest sea salt at the store, top R- quality sea salt, bottom R- Himalayan

Notice the difference in colours in the picture above. This is generally an indication of mineral content (unless the product has been falsely coloured).

Why should I invest in high quality salt?

Increased exposure to vitamins, minerals & electrolytes.

For the same amount of salt: a mineral-dense salt will contain less sodium. This is beneficial for people trying to monitor their sodium intake.


Table salt is "high in sodium"- because that is all that it is, SODIUM, it has no additional minerals (other than being fortified with iodine. Iodized salt became a thing to prevent people from getting sick with thyroid imbalance due lack of minerals in refined foods and salt.

Table salt will not directly make you deficient in minerals - lifestyle is so much more than one specific action or lack there of. But there are a wide spectrum of minerals found in other sources of salt, so why not allow your body access via your everyday meals, skincare, atmosphere etc.?

Quick clues your minerals are out of balance:

  • Hypertension

  • Fluid retention

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Unexplained deficiencies

Just by Googling,


  • Proper fluid balance

  • Nerve transmission

  • Muscle contraction

  • Stomach acid production

  • Healthy bones and teeth

  • Acid-base balance in every cell

  • Immune system health

  • Protein formation

  • Energy metabolism

  • Iron production

  • Oxygen transmission throughout the body

  • Production of genetic material

  • Wound healing

  • Taste perception

  • Fetal development

  • Sexual maturation

  • Thyroid hormone production

  • Production of enzymes

  • Insulin production

  • Antioxidant

What we can see from the above list is that adequate mineral balance is needed for all systems of the body, and optimal health.

Why do humans become mineral deficient?

  • We refine our salt, sugar, flour, milk, etc.

  • We don't get enough access to outdoors.

  • We eat foods grown in depleted soil.. or grown in water and fortified with nutrients.

  • We eat animal foods that are not pasture raised, and instead crammed in close quarters.

  • We spray our foods with chemicals.

  • We coat our bodies in chemicals.

  • We pump our air with pollution, throw trash in our waters, chlorinate our water, drink from plastic water bottles, plastic containers, the list goes on, and on, and on, and on...

The minerals are out there naturally in the great outdoors.

To find balance WE MUST BE INVOLVED!

Table salt alternatives:

  • SEA SALT- I like to choose a source that is conscious of the environment from which its harvested from. Look for it to have no additional ingredients, fillers or preservatives.

  • ROCK SALT- Salt that is harvested from a cave (also called Himalayan salt, pink salt, Celtic salt). This is salt from the primal sea (before the sea receded) so contains no pollution or plastics. Some believe this is the most nutritious salt. It tastes less salty than sea salt, so I like to mix Himalayan pink salt and sea salt in a ramekin and use this mixture to garnish my meals and for cooking.


EPSOM SALT- a salt that is rich in magnesium. It is relaxing and rejuvenating when used in a bath.

SALT LAMPS- a glowing salt lamp in the room can be used to purify the air. I know I love mine!! Learn more about the benefits and history of salt lamps here.

SOLE WATER- a concentrated salt solution sipped daily to provide the body with a full spectrum of minerals. To make just dissolve quality salt in warm water, sip daily or use as a mouth rinse for healthy gums and oral health. Our mouth wash here.

CLEANER- salt can be used to clean the home, freshen the air and create homemade beauty toners. I have some recipes for homemade cleaners here.

BEAUTY- I like to make herbal toners with sea salt. Mist face and hair to balance microbiome, more info on how to make this at home here and check out our toner for sale here.

IMMUNE BOOST- a simple salt elixir can be made at home with warm water, honey and lemon or apple cider vinegar. It is especially beneficial after sickness, hangover and as a general pick-me-up when especially active.

Random tips to also gain more access to more minerals:

  • Eat wholesome unrefined foods.

  • Eat roots from the Earth, like simmer roots into a tea, like dandelion, burdock, ginger, etc. and eat tuberous veggies like potatoes, onions, beets, etc.

  • Walk barefoot outdoors, garden with bare hands.

  • Swim in the ocean and lakes (or if you have no access make your bath an ocean by adding epsom salt).

  • Breathe fresh air from the forest and open windows to give the home fresh air.

Overall my goal of this blog post:

Is for us all to never sell ourselves short. One of the most common things I talk about with my family and friends: the importance of simple health. Switching up your salt is not going to rebalance your body's minerals overnight.

However, conscious decisions that we make in our lifestyle towards benefiting our health add up over time.

If money conservation is on the mind, perhaps buy a higher multi-mineral salt combined with an everyday table salt will increase your body's access to more minerals consistently over time.



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